The churches of St Helen's and St Richard's Hangleton exist to share the love of God in Christ and to make known the Gospel message of love, peace and reconciliation to all.  We welcome people of all races, religions and sexual orientation, as well as people in same sex relationships.  We believe it is important to be sensitive and caring toward those whose views may differ from our own. Christ is at the centre holding us together as a church community and we must care for one another as He cares for us.


  St. Helen's Church,
  Hangleton Way,
  BN3 8ER

  VICAR:  Fr. Keith Perkinton

  127 Hangleton Way,
  East Sussex,
  BN3 8ER

  Telephone:  01273 413044
  Mobile:       07796 084210 




  St. Richard's Church
  Egmont Road,
  East Sussex,
  BN3 7FP


A Prayer for the Parish

Almighty God

You have given us the Neighbourhoods of Hangleton and Knoll to serve,

and a Gospel to proclaim,

We thank you for the privilege of being called into your service in this place.

Remind us in our times of fear and doubt

that we are the people who belong to your pasture,

the flock that is led by your hand.

Hear the prayers of our patrons St. Helen and St. Richard,

that in worship and in service

we may be faithful co-workers with Christ

in His mission to the world,

for the glory of His Name



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