Dear Friends,

Each year the supporters and congregation of St. Helen’s church needs to raise a minimum of £88,000 to meet the outgoings and pay the bills.  At present we are short by £34,840 a year (£670 per week)!  In the past The Church of England Diocese has helped with the shortfall but they now do not have the funds, so unless we can raise the extra money ourselves, St. Helen’s Church is threatened with closure.

You can support us by becoming a member of The Friends of St. Helen’s.  For an annual membership fee of £12.00 you will receive

·      A membership card

·      A quarterly newsletter

·      Prior notice of all the churches gatherings and social event

·      An invitation to an annual Friends ‘Get Together’ and other special events

Your subscription can be paid either by cheque, or by setting up a yearly standing order through your Bank or Building Society.  Please see the attached form.

We really appreciate your help and thank you for your support.

Yours sincerely,

The Friends of St. Helen’s Committee

To become a Friend of St. Helen's and help support us in our work, please  download the form below and return it to:

                         The Friend’s Treasurer, St Helen’s Parish Office, Hangleton Way, Hove, BN3 8EF

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