The Friends of St. Helen’s would like to invite you to join The Sensational 600 Club.  A fundraiser that could benefit you as well as the Church for as little as £1 per month!

How does it work?

You buy a number, and all numbers sold are entered into a monthly draw.  The number drawn wins a cash prize.  The prize money is made up from 40% of the total ticket sales and the remaining 60% goes towards the support of St Helen’s Church.  Each number can be purchased for £1 (minimum duration of purchase is twelve months i.e. £12).  To increase your chances of winning (and to increase the funds raised) you may purchase as many numbers as you wish.  Assuming all 600 ‘numbers’ are sold each month the prize would be £240.

If you are interested in taking part in the draw, please complete the application form (attached in a pdf file below). Once processed, you will be allocated a number(s), which you will keep for twelve months, and these will be automatically entered into the monthly draw.  Winners will be advised individually and results will be published on the notice board at the church, on the website and in the Hangleton Harbinger.

If you are setting up a standing order please take the mandate form to your bank for action, not to us.  Alternatively use our bank details to set up a standing order via internet banking.  You can also make payment by cheque made payable to: St Helens PCC.

600 club application.pdf 600 club application.pdf
Size : 183.568 Kb
Type : pdf

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